The biodiversity posters are ideal educational tools for people of all ages. So it seems the posters would be a definite hit for teachers of this region to use in their classrooms. However, teachers are tight for time and must use their classroom time to make sure they satisfy curriculum standards. If teachers don’t know how to directly integrate the posters into their goals of the year curriculum-wise, then they might see the gift of a poster as more harmful than helpful.

In order to present the posters to teachers in a way that is beneficial to their overall classroom plan for the year, I am hiring environmental educators to create curriculum to accompany the posters as they are offered to the schools. The environmental educators will be researching curriculum standards for various grades and developing appropriate lesson plans.

Thus far I have hired masters students in environmental education at SOU to create curriculum for the Klamath River Fishes Poster and the Birds in the Oak Woodlands of the Cascade Siskiyous posters. This means I still need to find someone to create curriculum for the butterfly posters as well as the upcoming Fungi of the Pacific Northwest poster. Please contact me if you know of anyone interested in such a job!