Artistic Witness: Court-Martial of Private Manning, Debra Van Poolen

by Russell Fuller | March 4, 2014

Coverage by of Deb’s work documenting Manning’s trial

ArtPrize 2014 Jurors’ Shortlist

By John Serba | September 30, 2014

Van Poolen’s drawings from Chelsea Manning’s trial were chosen for the Juror’s Shortlist of five two-dimensional entries from the field of 900 total 2-D entries.

As Bradley Manning’s Verdict Comes In, An Artist Sells Work to Help

by Benjamin Sutton, ARTINFO | July 30, 2013

Artist Debra Van Poolen has been sitting in the courtroom for the entire eight-week trial sketching Manning and his trial, making the torturous bike-train-carpool commute every day.

Bradley Manning verdict: guilty of most charges but not ‘aiding enemy’

by The Guardian | July 30, 2013

Debra Van Poolen, 44, a Manning supporter, has spent every day of the eight-week trial on the public benches of the courtroom in Fort Meade, Maryland, writes Ed Pilkington from Fort Meade.