Butterfly Diversity in the Cascade-Siskiyous Lesson Plan


This exciting lesson plan utilizes the artwork on the Butterfly Diversity poster which depicts one-third of the documented butterflies in the Cascade-Siskiyous region. Students use the various identification keys on the poster to learn about the butterflies and their host plants as they engage in discussions with the teacher and fill out the included worksheets. The region where the Cascade and Siskiyou mountain ranges meet in Southern Oregon and Northern California is a world-class hot spot of biodiversity and the butterfly is a primary symbol of that biodiversity.

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About the Butterflies of the Cascade-Siskioyous

All butterflies have host plants on which the caterpillars feed, thus forming a symbiotic relationship. Fifteen of the butterfly’s host plants are pictured. The chart in the lower right describes the associations between the host plants and the butterflies displayed.