Fungal Diversity of the Pacific Northwest Print


Mushrooms and lichens are members of the fungal kingdom and play essential roles in nutrient cycling in the forest of the Pacific Northwest. A mushroom is the generally short-lived fruiting body of a fungus that also includes the underground mycelial network. Many mushrooms live in intimate symbio with plants, exchanging nutrients gathered from the soil for moisture and sugars provided by trees and other plants. Other species function as nature’s recyclers by consuming and decomposing dead plant material such as logs, branches, charred wood and leaves. A few species survive as parasites and pathogens on insects or even other mushrooms. Many fungal species are highly sought-after edibles for both animals and people. The sixty-one fungal species depicted in this poster show the range of forms present in the forests of the Pacific Northwest, but only begin to hint at the diversity of the thousands of species that occur in this region 

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