Bird Diversity in Oak Woodlands Poster


This poster depicts 33 birds common to the oak woodland habitat of the Cascade and Siskiyou mountain ranges of southern Oregon and northern California. This Cascade-Siskiyou region is a global hotspot of biodiversity. Oak woodlands are diverse with wildlife because they form a bridge between lower elevation oak savannah habitats and higher elevation conifer-dominated habitats. Learn more below…

Size: 24” x 36”

Price: $40 (includes shipping)

About Bird Diversity in Oak Woodlands

Now is a crucial time to understand the importance of oak ecosystems. Oak habitats are valuable to humans for several reasons. Oaks are among the most aesthetically pleasing trees on this planet and are wonderfully peaceful places to hike, wander, and restore the spirit. Oaks provide abundant opportunities to view wildlife. Also, oak is a fabulous building material and quality firewood. Furthermore, oaks suppress wildfires because their thick bark and wide branches prevent fire from spreading from ground to forest crown.

Wherever oak habitats are threatened, we have opportunities to promote their preservation. Monitoring the presence of birds in oak habitats is a way of measuring the overall health of the ecosystem. Birds that live in oaks rely on various habitat features which also support many other forms of wildlife. Each of the groups sponsoring this poster can direct you to more valuable information about oak ecosystems.