East Harlem X-Mas Trees

Uptown Trees Christmas Trees Stand

Deb’s very favorite place to be for the holiday season is New York City! She relishes the yearly trip to her Uptown Trees Christmas tree stand at E 106th and 3rd in East Harlem. The Christmas tree stand is located right next to La Fonda Borica, a most excellent Puerto Rican bar and restaurant of over 20 years running!


$20 Delivery Anywhere in NYC

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We have a vast array of trees, wreaths, and other holiday décor to make any NYC home burst with holiday cheer. Our tree prices range from $30 for your basic tabletop tree to the deluxe $100+ varieties. Each tree is opened for your careful inspection from front to back, top to bottom. We bale each tree by hand and give each tree a fresh cut which optimizes the tree’s moisture absorption.

Roll your cart or car over to E 106th and 3rd and check us out!